Finlay Design

lifeboat poster banner - Mockup
lifeboat poster 2018

lifeboat poster 2017 Lifboat Poster Closeup

East Sutherland Lifeboat, Fundraising Team

Graphic Design, Poster, Typography, Paper Engineering

I approached the East Sutherland Lifeboat fundraising team and volunteered to design a poster to advertise the annual Helmsdale Harbour Day Poster in 2017 and again in 2018. I met the committee and discussed technical and design requirements and/or limitations surrounding the project, such as: RNLI brand guidelines and usage; copy; poster coverage and deadlines. Through this continuing series of posters I aim to constantly push myself into new areas and new ways of experimenting with poster design, while always aiming to create an eye-catching, informative and effective poster to advertise the event. The posters have been advertised in multiple locations across the Highlands of Scotland.